Mid Island Paving

A Commitment To Excellence

Since our beginning Mid-Island Paving has had the reputation of being dedicated to quality workmanship. Two things have earned us this reputation: construction excellence, and a commitment to our clients.

Designs Engineered For Excellence

Mid-Island Paving can help prevent problems before they occur. Advantages like our laser levels and specialized design methods help produce parking lots that meet your specific needs – without typical problems with drainage or premature wear. We also specialize in maintenance for commercial, industrial applications.


Our Mark Of Quality Withstands The Test Of Time

Our experienced design and quality control specialists monitor and test product performance before, during and after construction to help ensure product consistency and minimal maintenance costs. Vehicle size and weight distribution are considered to ensure proper design and depth of base required, as well as the bituminous surface coat. Our large cliental in all aspects of industrial, commercial and institutional reflect our continued commitment to quality.

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